“If you are looking for a plant-based food that’s better for you, better for the environment, and better for the animals: you need to try this.”

Christine Sandberg

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“Just hear me out y’all: I eat the meats and all that, but this local company, No Evil Foods, makes amazzzeeeeing 100% plant meats that I can feel good about putting in my tummy. It’s real, and it’s good.”

Shelly Friesland

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All we can say is F********CK! We tried The Stallion last night, and it made us cry. It tasted that good. We love the way the world is changing…we salute you @noevilfoods.”

Vegan Bros


“Just celebrated Thanksgiving with your simply amazing Pardon. The best “turkey” we’ve ever had. Sign me up for next year.”

Michael Scardaville

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“Delicious flavors and excellent texture. The sausages are some of the best I’ve had… And the chorizo is to die for! Props, NEF… Y’all know how to make some tasty vegan meat!

Colin Kelly

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“I need your products up here in Richmond. The Stallion was so dope. Definitely kills Tofurky and Field Roast and leaves them in the dust.” 

Autumn Borek

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“Thanks so much! I’d much prefer you to Gardein or Morningstar.  :)” 

Kate Kosar

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Best plant based meat *hands down*! I am a new vegan and this line of real food with a “meaty” texture and seasoning has helped me to continue to make tasty nutritional meals for the vegans and non vegans in my family because the seasoning and the texture are satisfying for everyone. Nothing tastes fake, just really really good.

Kim Gorton Walzer

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“PSA: The Stallion from @noevilfoods is the best #vegetarian / #vegan sausage I’ve ever tasted.



“I just tried your “Prepper” blackened. I literally started crying because the taste and texture was so similar to slow roasted chicken or pork. Actual tears.” 

Alea Tuttle

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“Today, after 15 years of eating Tofurky for Thanksgiving we tried one of the Pardon roasts this year.  We absolutely loved it!  I thought my family might not like the change from Tofurkey, but they raved about it from how it smelled coming out of the oven to their very last bites.  I know we will be fighting over leftovers! No Evil Foods is definitely a name I will look for in the future…..and I plan on stocking up on a few more Pardons.”

Barb Meadows

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“SO amazing that my husband and sister (who are meat eaters) even loved it!”

Catherine Parker

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