No Evil Foods

At No Evil Foods, we make waves. We also make headlines.

We know we’re not the only ones who scour the reviews before we pull the trigger on a purchase. Thinking of cooking up that drool-inducing new recipe on our favorite blog? We read the reviews first. Thinking about swapping out the plastic bottle and upping our sustainability game by making the switch to shampoo bars? We read the reviews before giving it the ole double click. Thinking of trying the best damn Plant Meat on the market? Yeah, we’d read the reviews on that, too.

We’re here to tell you that No Evil Foods products are the best when it comes to killer no-kill Plant Meats with purpose. They’re made with ingredients you actually recognize, deliver one hell of a meat experience, and support our sustainability and social mission. But, luckily, you don’t need to listen to us. Read the reviews – the people have spoken!

“Just celebrated Thanksgiving with your simply amazing Pardon. The best ‘turkey’ we’ve ever had. Sign me up for next year.”

Michael S
Via Facebook