Meet Our Meats

Meet the gang that keeps us fed, day in and day out. The No Evil arsenal is filled with a diverse cast of characters ready for just about anything. Our core Plant Meat family is bold, flavorful and versatile, so that when you step into the kitchen there are no barriers, only endless possibilities. Let’s cook!

Comrade Cluck

It’s a Coop D’etat!

Fly the coop from the factory-farmed status quo and join the ranks of Comrade Cluck, our meat-free ally. Our vegan no-chicken works like a dream and suits any recipe that calls for the standard yardbird.

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The Stallion

A Total Knock-Out!

Link up with the Stallion, our bold vegan version of classic Italian sausage. Made with a knockout blend of spices, The Stallion is ace for slicing and serving on top of pizza or added to your weeknight repertoire. Toss into a one-pot meal and pin your hunger up against the ropes.

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El Zapatista

¡Viva la Revolucion!

We don’t shrink from the front lines and we’re certainly not afraid of flavor. El Zapatista is our assertive answer to traditional chorizo, perfected with a bold spice blend and a texture that will not be silenced. It radically redefines mealtime.

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Pit Boss

Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

We slow smoke our vegan pulled ‘pork’ over hickory wood and then douse it with scratch made barbecue sauce for tender, juicy ‘cue that bucks the norm. This ain’t the kind of barbecue that backs down. One bite, and you’ll know why it’s the boss.

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The Pardon

A Roast for the Rest of Us

Driven by a mission to do good in the world, we created a roast that leads by example. With every purchase of The Pardon, we send a portion of the profit to Xander and Charlee, our turkey brethren at Full Circle Farm Sanctuary. Coated with herbs and laden with umami, The Pardon is a delicious dose of activism made for the center of your dinner table.

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Meat for the non-conformist.

We’ve tinkered with, tested, and vetted the recipes in the No Evil kitchen to arm you with the most delicious, satisfying, and nutritious meals to fuel your household. Whether it’s a weeknight or an occasion, we’ve got you covered.

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