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Meats of Strength: The Pardon



Leave the sides on the side and carve out some space at the center of your plate for The Pardon and give Turkey Day a whole new meaning


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No Evil Foods presents The Meats of Strength! Featuring “The Pardon” A Roast for the Rest of Us.

Each year the President gives pardon to a lucky bird. This year you’re that lucky bird as we pardon you from enduring another boring holiday meal. Your Thanksgiving is gonna rule!

Featuring No Evil Foods SIGNATURE texture, we created an annual classic destined to become a show-stopping centerpiece on your holiday table. Of course, it’s damn delicious and made with LOCAL Miso Master Organic Miso, and then dry rubbed with peppercorns & seasonal herbs, pushing it into the realm reserved only for the most legendary culinary experiences.

More meat, Less fillings. Leave your sides on the side and carve out some space at the center of your plate for The Pardon.

Size & Ingredients:

1 lb. 10oz., that’s 8 servings! Each centerpiece comes with detailed reheating instructions and the best damn gravy recipe. There’s no shame if you find yourself slurping this liquid gold with a spoon. Seriously, we’ve all been there.

Ingredients: filtered water, vital wheat gluten, yellow onion, organic white beans, chickpea flour, organic extra virgin olive oil, nutritional yeast, organic white miso, sea salt, organic herbs, and spices.


Your purchase supports the animals at

A portion of each sale of the Pardon goes to care for  the Turkeys at Full Circle Farm Sanctuary!

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 6 in

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