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'It's a huge blow': How businesses are moving forward after coronavirus canceled Expo West

"Instead, No Evil Foods handed out its samples to protesters at a nearby Smithfield Foods slaughter plant, opened a popup outside a Los Angeles restaurant and offered tastes at a launch party for a plant-based cooking show on Amazon Prime... 'We have always been very good at doing a whole lot with very little, and we will continue to do that,' [Sadrah Schadel] said. 'But we'll bounce back, we always do.'"

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Tasty alternative: NC plant meat startup ‘No Evil Foods’ now in 5,500 stores nationwide

"No Evil Foods, the company founded on the mission to empower people to make positive choices for themselves, the planet, and the welfare of animals through artisan plant meat, is now available in over 5,500 stores nationwide at retailers like Whole Foods, Target and Wegmans, among others."

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10 Plant-Based Protein Products That Need To Be On Your Radar

"No Evil Foods makes a variety of plant-based meat substitutes... Seriously, you guys need to check out these ingredients — they're about as clean, simple, and straight-forward as they come."

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Feasting on a Trend: No Evil Foods Rides the Plant-Based Meat Wave

"There’s a lot happening at The Axis these days. That’s the nickname the No Evil Foods folks have given to their large new production facility in Weaverville. About 90 people work for the company, which makes plant-based substitutes that mimic chicken, chorizo, turkey, and other meats in flavor and texture."

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The Plant-Based Meat Takeover

"Plant-based meat substitutes used to be confined to the aisles of health food stores and stands at farmers markets, but with the explosion in discussions around the environmental and health consequences of eating meat, they’ve found their way to the most prominent retailers. Sadrah Schadel and Mike Woliansky, co-founders of No Evil Foods, tapped into this explosion, taking their company from local farmers markets all the way to Whole Foods and Walmart."

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Vegconomist logo: the vegan business magazine

"We love this North Carolina-based plant meat company, not least for its bold and fearless branding. It’s been almost a year now since we last interviewed No Evil Foods, and as we all know, a great deal has happened in the world of vegan business since then."

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Plant-Based Lifestyle!

"With industry leaders like Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger making headlines these days, it’s easy to overlook some of the other players in this rising category that are actually better tasting and less processed. No Evil Foods stands out from the crowd..."

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The Beet logo - Plant-Based Brands That Support Black Lives Matter and Are Doing Something About It

"When we started No Evil Foods, my co-founder and partner Mike and I were vegetarian. We were so welcomed by the vegan community, and as our company grew, so did our awareness... We now feel it’s our obligation and calling to repair the world through awesome food - or at least give it a fighting chance.”

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Eat No Evil (Foods)

"Sadrah has never actually eaten meat. Mike was in the punk scene, where "compassion to all" was a popular mantra. Together, after struggling to find plant-based meat sources that were as sustainable as they were tasty, they came up with No Evil Foods; the plant-based meat alternative company that first debuted at a tiny Farmer's Market in Asheville, NC."

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Tired of turkey? Here's why you'll want to try a vegan Thanksgiving this year

"... they’ve recently expanded production of their plant-based turkey roast made from wheat protein due to overwhelming demand. No Evil Foods named it The Pardon after the presidential tradition of “pardoning” a turkey from slaughter every Thanksgiving, and a portion of sales is donated to Full Circle Farm Sanctuary in Warm Springs, Georgia, which takes care of rescued farm animals."

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The 17 Most Delicious Vegan Meats Ever

"No Evil’s vegan chorizo is sure to impress any of your pals. It has a bold spice blend and a texture that won’t be silenced."

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2019 Trailblazers: Mike Woliansky and Sadrah Schadel

"What began as a simple plan of selling plant-based protein alternatives at local farmers markets quickly transformed into a phenomenon, with their products sold in more than 3,000 stores across the nation and thriving in a multibillion-dollar plant-protein industry."

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