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"The Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA) is honored to announce the addition of three new members to its 2021 Board of Directors: Armetha Pihlstrom, National Account Manager, Impossible Foods; GW Chew, Founder and CEO, Something Better Foods; and Sadrah Schadel, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, No Evil Foods."

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"As a vegetarian I've tried a lot of vegan turkey and The Pardon by No Evil Foods is the tastiest yet."

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"'... the plant-based meat category is becoming increasingly competitive, with legacy brands vying for shelf space with multinationals, well-funded foodtech players, and a host of enterprising startups', says No Evil Foods co-founder Sadrah Schadel. 'But independent brands with a strong personality can still cut through the noise.'"

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"We loved this roast before our first bite simply for the message behind its name. For every Pardon sold, No Evil Foods donates a portion of its profits to saved turkeys at the Full Circle Farm Sanctuary. Of course, once we carved into this, we were hooked. While completely seitan-based (there’s no stuffing), this roast is far from one-note. Serve over a bed of roasted fall vegetables for a complete holiday meal."

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"Announcing their partnership with New York-based plastic credit platform rePurpose Global, vegan meat maker No Evil Foods has just become the first plant-based meat company to take a plastic-negative stance. The Asheville, North Carolina startup will be offsetting their plastic footprint by funding the recovery and recycling of two pounds of plastic waste for every single pound they generate from their packaging materials."

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Top butchers explain how to make great vegan meat

"No Evil Foods co-founder Schadel and her formerly carnivorous co-founder, Mike Woliansky, felt like the vegan protein options available to them weren’t healthy enough and had 'all the personality of cardboard' – so they took the DIY homesteading approach and started making their own plant-based meats from scratch."

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Plant Meat 101: A Registered Dietitian’s Guide to Plant-Based Meats

"As a Registered Dietitian, I always encourage people to pay attention to the ingredients in food products and the same goes for plant meat products. We should know what is in our food to better understand the quality of the food itself... The Impossible Burger is made up of several ingredients that are chemically produced or genetically engineered, whereas The Stallion from No Evil Foods is mostly made of recognizable ingredients, the majority of which are organic."

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Nomad Dumplings, No Evil Foods launch plant-based dumpling

"Frozen dumpling maker Nomad Dumplings LLC teamed up with No Evil Foods, a small batch meat alternative brand, to launch a new plant-based dumpling. The companies reformulated Nomad’s Shangri-La Honey dumpling with No Evil Foods’ Comrade Cluck ‘No Chicken’ as a main ingredient. The product fuses floral notes with fresh chives to represent the flavors of China’s Yunnan province."

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Alive Magazine | Plant-Based Meat: The Future of Food? featuring No Evil Foods

“One of the things we were trying to address was that meaty texture—and how to do it with ingredients that were understandable and pronounceable,” [Sadrah Schadel] adds. This allows people to connect the dots: “‘This is what I’m eating; this is what’s in my food. I understand what this is; I understand how this impacts my health.’”

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Parsnip | A Founder's Story: Sadrah Schadel of No Evil Foods

"This week's guest blog is another epic founder's story from Sadrah Schadel, one of the founders of No Evil Foods. Read in for some major inspiration about plant-based eating and how to stay sane as a founder!"

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Deli Market News | No Evil Foods Talks Packaging Innovations

"Not all food is created equal. This is simply a fact in our industry. Few are those who venture to create a product that is truly revolutionary in quality and substance... one [of whom] is No Evil Foods. The North Carolina plant-based meat company invests not only in the quality of its product, but in the quality of its packaging, touting 100-percent compostability and recyclability."

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No Evil Foods interview: A plant-based meat brand with a punk rock soul

“'I came to realize that there is a very strong connection between punk rock entrepreneurship and how we’ve approached building and growing our brand,' she [co-founder, Sadrah Schadel] said. 'For us, [punk rock] wasn’t just about loud fast music, it really was about the values that that community of people with that mindset shared.' These values include social causes, as well as a scrappy, DIY mentality that led the pair to start the plant-based meat brand in 2014, 'manufacturing our products by hand, literally one sausage link at a time.'”

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