Who the heck is Shizaru and why is he so pumped?

Iwazaru, Mizaru and Kikazaru–the three wise monkeys of the ancient “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil,” proverb. They’re alright and all, but Shizaru is the lesser known 4th monkey–and you might just say that he’s our spirit animal. With a battle cry of Do No Evil, Shizaru always has one fist in the air and one hand on the wheel.

At No Evil Foods, Shizaru’s message drives us in every way: From the ingredients we source, to the way we treat our team like family, to how we support our community and give back in ways that matter. Shizaru is always our fearless guide.

Guess you could say he’s the monkey on our back. And while it may be unattainable to Do No Evil, you better believe we’re gonna try. Taking every opportunity to put more good into the world is what we’re all about!