Protein for all. In plants we trust!

We saw a broken system that didn’t serve us and took matters into our own hands by growing and making almost everything from scratch – from sauerkraut to maple syrup. And we were slaying it in the kitchen. Armed with newfound, DIY-fueled confidence and driven by a vision for sustainable living, we started making Plant Meat in our own kitchen, with ingredients that we took off our pantry shelf.

Our kitchen-grown, all-out, “we can do it better ourselves” attitude led directly to a rebellious no-bird chicken we dubbed Comrade Cluck. It’s mad good, can be mixed up in any dish, and is made with nothing but good intention.

We’ve grown a little since those early homesteading days, but we still craft all of our products the same way, rigorously testing recipes in our home kitchen until we can look at each other and say, “That’s f’n good!”

It’s not in us to sit around and wait for things to change. We believe food is a powerful force to shake up the status quo. Good food is good for everyone. If you’re ready to experience the taste and texture of traditional protein while leaving the environment, your conscience, and the welfare of humans and animals intact…then we’re ready to help you slay it in your own kitchen.



Sadrah Schadel

Co-Founder // innovation visionary // brand boss

As a lifelong vegetarian, Sadrah has some serious veg cred. Fueled by the fury of one too many veggie burgers with all the personality of cardboard, and many an evening dining on a conglomeration of side-dishes passed off as an ‘entree’ on restaurant menus, she decided to make it her mission to create plant-based proteins that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with meat without even flinching. Sadrah commands the test kitchen, makes the magic, shares the vision & is the voice of NEF.


Co-Founder // Master of Operations at the Plant Meat plant // Greaser of Gears

To tell Mike he can’t do something is one sure way to make sure he does it. His plant-based journey began as a simple experiment – the result of which became not only a passion but an opportunity to promote positive change. Not one to be led by the masses, his unique insight strikes a chord every time. Motivated by challenge, Mike is the wizard behind the curtain; he sketches the big picture, keeps the peace, engineers the details and has a really good scream.