What is Plant Meat?
Plant Meat is just what is sounds like, a meat made from plants. It’s a 100% plant-protein that has the taste & texture of meat, because it is meat. Meat made from plants…get it? 🙂
Ok, but what is it MADE from?
Our meats are 100% plant-based and non-GMO. We harness the protein from beans, wheat berries and yeast and use organic herbs & spices to create our flavors. And we do it with super simple ingredients!
What’s the Catch?
There is no catch! No Evil Foods Plant Meat has all the taste & texture you want without any of the things you could live without. Our products are free from cholesterol, saturated fats, GMOs, antibiotics, hormones, soy protein isolates, nitrates & dairy. They are light on the environment & support ethical practices, too. Phew! It’s just damn delicious meat. Period.
Would my ‘meatatarian’ dad/brother/uncle/sister-in-law/etc like it?
Hell yeah they would! And better yet, if you don’t tell them, they may not even know it’s made entirely from plants. We work hard to make sure our Plant Meats hit the mark on flavor and texture better than anyone else. If it tastes good, people of all persuasions will be happy to have our proteins on their plate. And, if it’s healthier for them and for the environment it’s a big win for everyone!
How do I use Plant Meats?
You can use our Plant Meats in any recipe that calls for meat. Hey, you could even add it to recipes that don’t! There’s no need to throw away traditional favorites just because you’re cooking plant-based. Cook up your tried and true recipes or explore something new, just sub Plant Meat for whatever protein the meal calls for.
How do I cook it?
All of our Plant Meats are already fully cooked so they’re a snap to use at home. All you have to do is reheat & eat! Poor impulse control? Eat them right out of the package, you savage. Or if you’re feeling civilized they’re freaking delicious pan fried with some healthy fat (we love coconut oil!) for 3-5 minutes until warmed through and browned to your liking!
Do you have recipes?
Damn straight! Find ‘em here
Can Plant Meats be frozen?
Heck yeah they can. We vacuum-pack our meats for optimum freshness and easy storage. So stock up and pop those bad boys in the freezer. You can keep them frozen for at least 6 months, but we have a feeling you’ll polish them off well before then!
What is the date stamped on the outside of NEF packages?
That’s our ‘Best By’ date! This date lets you know when our meats are at their optimum freshness and retain their best physical and/or sensory quality (hubba hubba). It is not an expiration date or an indication of safety, but rather a guide to when NEF tastes and looks its finest!
If it’s past the Best By date, does it mean that I shouldn’t eat it? I really want to eat it.
Not necessarily. Although the product is past our optimum freshness date, if it still maintains good sensory and quality characteristics, you may still be able to dig in! Your decision should depend on several factors, including how the product has been stored in your home and whether or not the product has a funky look/smell or is otherwise noticeably changed. If the product was properly refrigerated and looks and smells normal this may allow for consumption after the Best By date. If any signs of degradation are evident it’s best to discard the product and pour one out for the homies.
Is it soy?

We make our products without the use of soy protein isolate or other soy bases. Comrade Cluck ‘No Chicken, The Stallion ‘Italian Sausage’ and Pit Boss ‘Pulled Pork BBQ’ are seasoned with a bit of organic/non-GMO shoyu and our chorizo, El Zapatista, is completely soy free!

Is it seitan?
Like lots of plant-based meat brands (Tofurky, Lightlife, Gardein, Field Roast to name a few) we also rely on wheat protein to get our awesome texture. But don’t confuse us with the devil! We’ve refined that ole’ ancient Buddhist tradition by adding a crap ton of simple, plant-based ingredients to boost the nutrient density and nailed it with our amazing flavors and bangin’ texture. They are a true Plant Meat!