A Statement
From Our

Statement from Sadrah Schadel & Mike Woliansky

Founders of No Evil Foods


“Just like our government, public health and regulatory agencies are constantly updating their guidance to us all, we are constantly evaluating our own policies as things shift and evolve.

Every decision we make right now is to try and protect our team members’ health and safety and No Evil Foods collective future so that we can keep working together long after this pandemic ends. W​e have implemented all recommended CDC and FDA protocols, and more, to ensure team safety and food safety.

Two weeks ago, we offered all employees an option of three weeks paid severance if they wanted to depart. Seven employees accepted that paid severance; sixty-nine employees choose to remain to continue the critical work that we do to maintain the nation’s food supply, and we are honored by their decision.   

In addition, effective Monday, April 6th, we increased pay for all production employees by $2.25 an hour for the next 60 days, from April 6th to June 5th, with no conditions. This pay increase raises the average production employee’s hourly rate to approximately $17 an hour.

We think it’s really important in this moment for everyone to recognize the critical work that food production workers like our team are doing during this global crisis, and we wanted to thank them for their amazing effort and commitment.

For families to eat safely during a global pandemic, someone has to go out in the world to work to make that happen. Someone has to grow and harvest the ingredients. Someone has to turn them into food that’s ready to eat. Someone has to shop for it, and often, someone has to deliver it.

Those realities are not lost on us – they never were – and along with grocery store clerks, warehouse workers, and delivery drivers, among many others, our team’s role in keeping healthy, plant-based proteins available for the nation’s food supply is both critical to the country and very meaningful to us. That’s why we’re doing everything in our power to protect our people’s health and safety and protect the supply chain for our products.

No Evil Foods is a small, young business–we’ve only been around for 6  years–and everyone on our team is giving every ounce of their energy to keep our​ company alive through this crisis. We will continue to do our best to support our team so they can continue to feed their families while we all work to keep the food supply chain up and running.

In addition to a pay increase, we have also prioritized paid time off, sick leave and expanded family leave, and flexibility for those who are dealing with childcare challenges.     It hasn’t been easy for our business, but we believe it’s more than the  right thing to do–it’s the only thing to do.”

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